Kajabi Pricing Plans 2020 – How Much Does Kajabi Cost

With so many choices of online platforms available in the market, it has become easier to bring your business’s product or services on a digital board.

Kajabi simplifies your business handling by giving you the top-notch features on a single space.

Kajabi helps you build and deliver engaging online products or services so that you can leverage it to market and build on to your untapped audience.

So What is Kajabi?

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With almost every online platform can provide a solution for your business, Kajabi out-stands as one of the most promising and valuable online course platforms through which you can create, market and sell online courses or a membership site. 

Not only this, but Kajabi also allows you to create and run your entire business & provide an all-in-one marketing platform like Kartra. Being a user friendly portal, Kajabi comes in iOS and Android mobile apps too!

Kajabi Pricing Plans Summary

Choose your plan and Save 20% with annual billing!




Price - $149/monthly ($119 If billed annually)

Price - $199/monthly ($159 If billed annually)

Price - $399/monthly ($319 If billed annually)

3 Products & Pipelines

15 Products & Pipelines

3 Products & Pipelines

Unlimited Landing Pages

Unlimited Landing Pages

Unlimited Landing Pages

Unlimited Marketing Emails

Unlimited Marketing Emails

2,000,000 Marketing Emails

10,000 contacts

25,000 contacts

100,000 contacts

1 website

1 website

3 website

1000 Active Members

10,000 Active Members

20,000 Active Members

1 Admin user

10 Admin user

25 Admin user

Kajabi University

Kajabi University

Kajabi University

0% Transaction fee

0% Transaction fee

0% Transaction fee

Webinar & Events

Webinar & Events

Webinar & Events

Ready to use Templates

Ready to use Templates

Ready to use Templates

Assessments Quizzes & Surveys

Assessments Quizzes & Surveys

Assessments Quizzes & Surveys

Chat Support

24/7 Chat Support

24/7 Chat Support


Advanced Automations

Advanced Automations


Ability to remove Kajabi Branding

Ability to remove Kajabi Branding


Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program



Code Editor

Benefits and Comparison of Each Plan on The Basis of Features and Pricing Provided

Now, let’s have a glance on each of the specific pricing plans. The first plan that Kajabi has to offer is the Basic Plan.

  • The Basic plan offers features like unlimited video hosting via Wistia, content dripping, Assessments, course player themes, mobile app, Community, website builder & sales funnel builder, email marketing tools, to name few
  • Kajabi’s Growth Plan has all the features the basic plan has along with the added features of Automation, White labelling and Affiliate Marketing.
  • You can get live chat support from 9am – 7pm, Monday - Friday on the Basic Plan while you get 24x7 chat support on the Growth Plan. This is yet another difference between the Growth and the Basic plan
  • Pro Plan allows you to edit themes which are however not available on the other two plan options. Although the similarity on the wider aspect remains the same between the Pro Plan and the Growth Plan.

All the plan offers of Kajabi doesn’t differ significantly in terms of features. It’s just the pricing and few add ons that makes all the difference.

The aspect in which they differ are the number of products, pipelines, contacts, active members, and websites you can have. 

To summarize, all of the three Kajabi Plans are valuable enough to build your membership sites and online courses.

We’ll discuss next to see which plan is best suited for your business...

Which Plan is Best Suited for Your Business?

Who Should Use Kajabi's Basic Plan?

If you are just starting the things and have 3 or fewer products then we suggest using the Basic Plan at first. 

Who Should Use Kajabi's Growth Plan?

If you have a medium sized business then you should go for a Growth Plan. Since you do get the affiliate program, the ability to remove the Kajabi branding, and advanced automations.

Who Should Use Kajabi's Pro Plan?

Since this plan is double the cost of the Growth plan make sure that you really need it before you sign in for it. Apart from the ability to edit the templates, it offers more of everything else. So if you are still not a big size business so we do not recommend you to go for this option as it may not add much value to your business.

But whichever plan you choose must be aligned with your company’s goal so that there's no burden on your pocket and benefits derived outweighs the cost itself.

And to know your suitability, You can try Kajabi’s Free 14 Days Trial!

Kajabi 14 Days Free Trial

Start your online business by getting Kajabi 14 days free trial access!

In 14-DAY FREE TRIAL, Get access to Kajabi’s powerful all-in-one platform:

  • Easy-to-build digital products
  • Customizable website to fit your needs
  • Powerful landing page builder
  • Beautiful email campaignsBuilt-in analytics
  • 24/7 customer supportand many more features…

Start Free Trial Today!

Still Not sure if Kajabi adds value? Then deep dive further to Discover it’s Product Offerings…


Set up a fully integrated website on Kajabi that connects everything about your business in one place. Let’s have a glance on its Features:

  • No need to hire Designers, as ready made themes and customization options is available
  • Get Custom domains so that you could be found easily by your customers
  • One central space to showcase your products, publish your content, and include all those necessary terms and conditions as well.


Kajabi integrates with Stripe and PayPal to make payments quick and seamless. Let’s have a glance on its additional Features:

  • Kajabi never takes a percentage cut of your revenue.
  • Kajabi partners with only the world’s premiere, most trusted online payment gateways.


Turn your content into a final outlined online course, subscription, or any other digital product you can imagine. Let’s have a glance on its additional Features:

  • You can set up Online courses, subscriptions, gated-content, membership sites of your own
  • Cumulate your audience into a community that is independent of whoms to other social media influence
  • No code necessary as everything is pre made


Kajabi enables you to create and customize beautiful emails that integrate video, timers etc. Let’s have a glance on its additional Features:

  • Create automatic email campaign with ready made templates
  • Enjoy flexibility in designing emails as per your choice
  • With Kajabi’s visual editor, you can easily customize and preview the designed emails


Build dynamic landing pages without hiring a designer. Let’s have a glance on its additional Features:

  • Save time and stress with streamlined landing page templates for all of the most common page types you’ll need
  • Get dynamic flexible designs which gives a professional look to your landing page
  • Easy to connect your pages with your automated marketing campaigns, emails, offers, and products.


Kajabi’s readymade automated pipelines ensures your business scales up. Let’s have a glance on its additional Features:

  • Proven Blueprints for every purpose
  • No delay over what to say as Pipeline features has pre-written copy developed 
  • Choose a Blueprint and tailor it in your business in seconds. All this while your automated pipeline is making sales or collecting leads simultaneously.


Kajabi gives you the right metrics, organized in web analytics dashboards you’ll actually use. Let’s have a glance on its additional Features:

  • Track your revenue, offers sold, subscription metrics
  • Optimize your products as with Kajabi, you can analyse and access to the areas of your improvements
  • Boost Page performance With clear, streamlined reporting for your website and pages


Kajabi gives the CRM that helps to deeper your customer relationships with less effort. Let’s have a glance on its additional Features:

  • With Kajabi’s customer management software, you can shoot emails and coupons in one go without repeating the same process as you just need to set the instruction once! 
  • One stop place wherein you can keep all your contacts in a organized way
  • Get deeper insights on customer metrics, behavior-tagging, product engagement, and assessments to improve your marketing


Everything is mobile friendly so that your products are accessible anywhere, anytime with one click with Kajabi. Let’s have a glance on its additional Features:

  • Convenient as your customers are always on their phones
  • No development cost involved
  • Seamless experience whether on desktop or mobile or on app

Kajabi Pricing FAQs

Q: Does Kajabi have any transaction fee?

No, there’s no transaction fees, However, you’ll be paying a processing fee (2.9% + 30 cents) to your payment processor — Stripe/PayPal.

Q: Does Kajabi have a money back guarantee?

Yes, Kajabi offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You are eligible for a refund within 30 days of your first payment.

Q: What if I don’t like & want to cancel my Kajabi plan?

If you think that Kajabi isn't the right platform for your business, you can anytime cancel your account from your dashboard.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Kajabi is a major market shareholder in the sales automation and learning management space. They offer a lot of amazing features like analytics, the webinar and live events, the trials and pricing options, the integrations of memberships, landing pages, and online courses.

Kartra is the close competitor of Kajabi which provides those many features but none of the other alternatives offer all that Kajabi does. 

We would recommend Kajabi to those who:

  • Who don’t mind price
  • Who are patching email marketing, webinar, online course, and membership solutions
  • Have experience

We would not recommend Kajabi to those who:

  • Don’t have experience
  • Have Tight budgets
  • Don’t have an audience who’s interested in buying from you

Although Kajabi is a very robust tool but if you don’t have experience or you’re on a tight budget, We’d recommend you to look into alternatives with less overhead costs like Kartra which provides the same or even more features at an affordable cost. 

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