Builderall Pricing Plans 2020: How Much Does It Cost?

Builderall Pricing Plan

If you are related to online business, digital marketing, online sales, affiliate marketing, website designing/development or graphic designing - Builderall is the platform that will give you solid benefits.

It's tough to find an alternative to Builderall that provides so many benefits to online marketers. And talking about Builderall cost or the Builderall pricing for the complete package, then it's affordable to all.

You find all the necessary designing, developing, and marketing tools under one roof, which is surprising to the ones who still don't know about Builderall. It's a platform offering a collection of marketing tools that can change the entire course of your online business. It has the power of doubling/ tripling up your online sales in no time. 

The three major reasons why you should choose Builderall

Within your budget

Builderall tools come within the budget depending upon your business type and size.

Saves time

As you find all the necessary online marketing tools under one roof, you don't need to spend time searching here and there.

Variety of options

The variety of tools and their options will surprise you to the most. Starting from web designing, mobile app designing to email marketing tools- you get them all.

Let's find out how much Builderall costs through a detailed and honest Builderall pricing plans review here.  

Builderall Pricing Plans Summary 

You already might be investing a lot of money for various online marketing tools. It's perfectly natural as I was doing the same earlier till I came to know about Builderall.

To be honest, I saved a lot of money as I started using Builderall. Builderall gives you the opportunity to get started with a free trial. See, explore and get 100% satisfied with the tool, and then make your decision.

Let's have a quick overview of the Builderall pricing plans, before going to more detail.

  1. Builderall Free Trial (Costs you $0)
  2. Builderall Builder Plan ($19.90)
  3. Builderall marketer Plan ($29.90)
  4. Builderall Essential Plan ($49.90)
  5. Builderall Premium Plan ($69.90)

Free Trial Plan

Builder Plan

Marketer Plan

Essential Plan

Premium Plan

Domain Connections

0 domains

3 domains

5 domains

10 domains

15 domains


100 subscribers

100 subscribers

5000 subscribers

15000 subscribers

Unlimited subscribers

Ticketing Support


Ticketing and Live Chat Support

Ticketing and Live Chat Support

Ticketing and Live Chat Support

Ticketing and Live Chat Support

Disk Space

1 GB

2 GB

5 GB

10 GB

10 GB

Daily Backup

Not available





Website Traffic


Professional Website bot

Not available

Not available

Not available



Responsive Email Builder






SSL Certificate

Not available





Now, let’s discuss more in detail where we’ll talk about each Builderall pricing in detail.

Builderall Pricing in Detail: A Detailed Review

Here we'll discuss all the Builderall plans in detail and how to choose the best plan for your business.

 1. Builderall Free Trial ($0)

A free trial of Builderall is the one that I suggest for all the first time users, especially the newcomers to the online marketing field. The pro marketers can skip this plan right away as this one has a lot of limitations.

To get the real flavour of Builderall features, go for a paid plan which I am going to discuss next.

Note: The free trial period keeps changing. Currently, Builderall is offering a fourteen day's free trial. But sometimes you may find Builderall 7 days free trial or Builderall 30 days free trial as well.

2. Builderall Builder Plan ($19.90)

The paid Builderall plan starts with the Builder Plan. It has only a few more benefits to add than the Builder free plan such as

  • Daily website backup
  • A/B split testing
  • SSL Certificate inclusion
  • CDN servers and
  • Security  

3. Builderall Marketer Plan ($29.90)

This plan is suitable for the starter online marketers who have just started their online business journey, managing a small team and a couple of websites.

It has only a couple of additional features than the Builder Plan such as the SMS marketing tool, CRM, and Telegram builder.

4. Builderall Essential Plan ($49.90)

If you are a pro-marketer with a tight budget, then go for this plan for a couple of months. But have an eye on the premium plan as just with only an additional $20 you can avail all the premium features.

In addition to Marketer Plan, in this plan, you get features like

  • Professional Messenger Chatbo
  • Website Bo
  • 5 GB extra disk spac
  • Total of 10 domains to connect

5. Builderall Premium Plan ($69.90)

It's the highest plan for premium users who need to maintain a big marketing team and a handful This premium plan offers all the advanced features of Builderall with no limitations.  

Which Builderall Plan is the Best for You?

Choosing a marketing plan for your business needs a lot of patience, control, and great exposure to the current online activities happening in and around.

Follow the steps below to find the best Builderall Plan for your business. 

Step 1:

I would suggest you go for the free Builderall pricing plan first, as it will not cost you anything.

Step 2:

Explore for a week or two, till the time you have the free trial valid. Check out all the options, features that are available at Builderall; apply them in your marketing activities.

Step 3:

Analyse and identify the important features of Builderall that you think can impact your business growth.

Step 4:

Finally, depending upon your business model, budget, and future plan, select the plan for you.

Tip: Remember, no marketing tool can give you immediate results; it will take time to produce the best returns. You need to observe the change very patiently to come to a conclusion. Till then, a trial-and-error method will work the best.

Services Offered by Builderall

Except for the Builderall Premium Plan, no other Builderall subscriptions cover all the features that we are going to discuss here. And the services listed here are all available with the Premium Builderall Plan.

  • Website Builde
  • Mobile-Friendly Website
  • Unlimited Membership Adding Panel
  • Payment Gateway integration with Checkout
  • Responsive Email marketing tools
  • SSL Certificates
  • CDN servers
  • Daily backup of your website
  • Facebook and YouTube Live Streaming Too
  • Webinar builder too
  • Bulk messaging, Automated messaging
  • Automated Email and SMS Responder
  • Chatbot and site bot
  • Blogging app
  • Powerful CRM
  • Funnel Sharing
  • Landing page creator
  • Auction page creator
  • Host your own video on your own platform

There are a lot more to offer, you'll come to know as you use it regularly. It's surprising to get so many power-packed features within this price range.

Builderall makes it possible even for the new online marketers and small business owners to adopt the best technologies for their business within less budget.

Builderall FAQs: You Must Know

Q1: Will the Builderall Pricing Plan increase with time?

A: Well, it's a mixture of tools and services that Builderall offers. And as you know, every service charge that exists increases with time. Builderall is not any exception, so the price increases.

But there's a surprise! Currently, Builderall is offering an exclusive deal opting which the monthly price will never increase in your lifetime!

Q2: Is Builderall the best tool available at this price range? Are there any alternatives?

A: I used many other online platforms that offer similar services. But finally built a connection with Builderall for years, as it has been giving me the results I wanted.

According to me, it is the best tool/platform available at this price range. And yes, I would also want to mention the ones (as alternatives) to have a look at them as well.

Final Thought

To become a successful online marketer, you need to give value to each and every small penny that you spend online. The more you save on investment, the more you earn online.

So, take every step wisely and choose the best, cost-effective, result-oriented online marketing tools. To out shadow your competitors, selecting the most effective marketing tools is essential.

That is why I would recommend you to use Builderall with closed eyes and get the best out of this amazing platform. It has worked for me, and I believe that it will work for you as well.

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